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Marketing Copywriter (Remote)

  • Design
  • Full-time
  • Toronto, CA
  • Remote

2023-07-12 05:50:13 UTC

About Airfoil

Airfoil is a collective of designers, engineers, and artists who are dedicated to propelling cutting-edge products in web3/crypto, AI, fintech, and other emerging fields to new heights. Since our inception in 2019, we've worked with 100+ projects, including prominent blockchains (Solana Labs, NEAR Foundation, Cronos), DAO tooling products (Utopia Labs, Layer3, Magna), DeFi protocols (Friktion, Thala Labs, MarginFi, Drift, Socean), NFT marketplaces and tools (Hyperspace, Hologram, Solana Name Service), Web3 gaming (Planetarium, VBA), Web3 music (, Decent), and many more.

Beyond our impressive portfolio and commitment to innovation, Airfoil offers an environment that sets the stage for unparalleled opportunities and experiences:

  • We’ve helped some of the fastest-growing players in web3 get off the ground, and your work will have tremendous impact here. Products incubated and shipped at Airfoil can be seen by hundreds of thousands, if not millions, within months of launch.

  • We’re growing quickly, and joining Airfoil at this stage allows you to build something truly lasting, as well as “getting in at the ground floor” of web3 and AI.

  • We favor teammates who are collaborative > competitive, interested in learning and sharing what they learn, and truly love their craft.

  • Many of the projects we build are zero-to-one — meaning there’s sometimes not a clear guidebook on how to build the solutions we want to build.

  • We’re a hyper-global team serving clients across the globe, which means you’ll often be required to work across multiple time zones and cultures.

About this role

Are you a talented wordsmith with a knack for turning ideas into impactful messages? As a Marketing Copywriter at Airfoil, you'll dive into the world of product marketing, content strategy, and compelling copy creation. Your mission? To collaborate with clients, understand their business goals, and spin that knowledge into persuasive copy that drives sales, boosts user engagement, and hits project targets.

In this role, you will do the following:

  • Create clear, concise, and compelling copy across multiple platforms including websites, landing pages, marketing campaigns, pitch decks, blogs, and product descriptions.

  • Develop and maintain a consistent and compelling brand voice across all client communications and touchpoints.

  • Adapt and tailor copywriting style and tone to different client brands, industries, and target demographics.

  • Team up with our design and engineering pros, along with clients, to grasp their core business concepts. Transform these insights into compelling product positioning and messaging that showcases their unique value.

  • Run efficient client calls to gather valuable feedback, confidently present your work, and keep the project on track.

  • Conduct thorough research on industry trends, competitive landscapes, and target audience preferences to inform and enhance copy and messaging strategies.

  • Take charge of deliverables, ensuring they're completed on time. Handle multiple projects like a pro in our fast-paced environment.

  • Assist in the development and execution of content calendars and strategies to ensure timely and relevant content delivery.

  • Compose persuasive email marketing campaigns, social media content, and advertisements that ignite engagement and drive conversions.

  • Stay updated on the latest trends and best practices in copywriting, content strategy, and product marketing. Share your insights to keep improving our processes and deliver top-notch results.

If you’re a perfect candidate, you will have the following traits (but please still apply even if you don’t 100% meet all the requirements):

  • 2+ years of Proven Copywriting: You've got at least 2 years under your belt as a copywriter or in a similar role, ideally within a bustling agency or startup setting.

  • Masterful Communication: Your written and verbal communication skills are top-notch. You're a pro at engaging with both clients and teammates, and you know how to make ideas come to life through words.

  • Visual Portfolio: You can show us what you've got! Your portfolio highlights your exceptional copywriting and content strategy creations. Bonus points for an eye-catching design sensibility and a meticulous attention to detail.

  • Web3 Wisdom (Preferred): Familiarity with the web3 landscape is a significant advantage, given the majority of our clients operate in this sphere.

  • Project Juggler Extraordinaire: Managing multiple projects and handling deadlines like a pro is your bread and butter.

  • Global Collaboration: You're a time zone virtuoso who thrives on seamlessly collaborating with teammates and clients around the world. Flexibility in working across different time zones is a must.

  • Independent Dynamo: While you're a master of autonomous work, you're also a team player who's open to feedback and critique. You know when to take the lead and when to harmonize within the ensemble.

  • Deadline Guru: Tight schedules don't faze you. You're adept at steering projects to completion even when time is of the essence.

  • Inherent Motivation: You're not just a clock-watcher; you're motivated from within. Working independently and asynchronously is second nature to you, yet you flourish in a collaborative environment.

How we will support you

We are committed to your growth and success. Here's how we'll support you:

  • Thorough writing critiques and support from our team. Through your work with us, we will collaborate actively with you, offer feedback on your work, and relay feedback from our clients. We will help you develop your skills both in terms of user experience/design thinking and content quality.

  • Cross-border experience and training from tech company founders. Our team is led by Silicon Valley tech company founders hailing from the USA and Korea, and while working with early-stage companies, our team will be there for you to assist and advise.

At Airfoil, we are committed to building a safe environment where you will be supported through your professional and personal growth. We are designers second and people first.

Employment type

Employee, full-time
Contractor, full-time or part-time

Compensation and benefits

We aim to provide highly competitive compensation for our industry, with benefits that help our employees focus on their work while maintaining a proper work-life balance.
We hire on a rolling basis. Hiring will close once we find a suitable candidate - apply now!